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Specialists in Coiled Cords, Custom Cable, and Retractable Cable CABLEscience manufactures and distributes custom electronic and electrical cables for industries that take pride in their technology and product quality. Our name has become synonymous with delivering high quality coiled cords, custom cable, retractable cable, and more.

Our specialties are coiled cords, custom cable, retractable cable, retractile cords, coil cable and the flexing power and micro miniature cables for use in industrial, medical, military and commercial applications. Our Los Angeles manufacturing facility has a global distribution reach with clients worldwide.

  • Custom Coiled CablesCustom Coiled Cables

    CABLEscience is the leader in the design and manufacture of coiled cords, and continues flexing bulk cable for every application imaginable.

  • Custom CableCustom Cable

    Our in-house precision wire and cable manufacturing facility coupled with a network of proven distribution and manufacturing companies, enable us to meet special custom cable requirements and deliver on-time both in US and abroad.

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    Purchase Cable, Coil Cords, Non-Electric Cords, Network Coil Cords, etc. We offer same day shipping in stock products.